Sunday, January 2, 2022

January 1, 2022

 Yesterday was New Year's Day and it rained all day long.   A soggy rain.

After having my morning coffee I got busy taking the Christmas tree down and packed up the decorations I'd placed around the house.  When I finished it was nearly noon so I cleaned up and went to visit my elderly father at the rehab facility where he's staying indefinitely following his surgery for his broken leg.

Two of my sisters came there too and the three of us went to eat pizza and then do shopping for Dad (he needed a few more casual shirts and pajama pants).  We did great, found what he described that he wanted in the first store we visited.  

Last night I didn't do much and was in bed by nine.

Yet it was a very nice way to spend the first day in 2022.

Thanks for your visit.

Be back soon,


xo xo xo


  1. Sounds great to start the year with a rainy day. Hope and sunny here.... Hope your dad continues to improve..... Nice you got to spend time with your sisters.....

  2. Hi Connie, It was good to read your post, sorry I am a little late in reply. Are you doing any quilting? I think I remember you were doing some paper crafts. Stay warm and hope to hear soon again.Hugs, Marie